Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chitty Museum

Chitty neighborhood is one one the races found in Melaka which has many special attributes that can not be found in the various other state. They perpetuate the heritage of their forefathers because immemorial which was stemmed from India. Although, they are not verbally proficient in Tamil because of the intermarriage with the regional area, they have made the Malay language as their mom tongue till to this day.

Chitty Museum

This gallery is the effort made by the Chitty's neighborhood to document and maintained their distinct heritage. Tool, add-ons and garments used by this neighborhood in their daily life as well as during special events such as wedding, food preparation, and clothing are the primary attraction in this gallery devoted to this little but resilient minority community in the state.

The Historical and Ethnography Gallery is found at the Stadhuys at the junction of Jalan Kota and Jalan Gereja, Melaka. In front of the structure, in an area called Dutch Square, is the Victoria Water Fountain and the Tan Beng Seng Clock Tower developed in the year 1886. The Historical and Ethnography Gallery is on the 2nd flooring of the Stadhuys building.

The gallery depicts the way of living of the different communities and sub-communities that compose the population of Melaka - the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians, the Portuguese, the Baba and Nyonya, the Chetti and Chitty communities.

Among the exhibits on display are products made use of in standard wedding, cooking area utensils, musical instruments and collections of ancient porcelain ware. There are additionally collections of old weapons, stamps and different currencies.

The first floor of the Historical and Ethnography Gallery is dedicated to the history of Melaka which in reality is the early history of Malaysia. It covers the duration from the founding of Melaka to the establishment of independent Federation of Malaya. The displays offer a real representation of early Melaka, its existence as a colony, the struggle for freedom and the rapid advancement of post-independence Melaka.

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